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Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

naskah drama snow white

Narrator : Five thousand years ago, at an unknown place, there lived a beautiful princess named Snow White. Her skin was as white as snow, her lips were gorgeous, and her hair was shiny. She was an orphan, she lived at the palace belongs to her step-mother. That arrogant queen has an unimportant habit, which was she always asking her faithful Fortune-Teller, who was the most beautiful woman in the universe, and the answer was always the queen.
One day, the queen asking the same question to her Fortune-Teller again.
The Queen : Hey, my faithful Fortune-Teller! Who is the most beautiful woman in the universe? (With an arrogant pride)
Fortune-Teller : My queen, the most beautiful woman in the universe is Snow White. Sorry, but now you are not more beautiful than Snow White. (With flat expression)
The Queen : Snow White?! It is impossible! My lovely cat is more beautiful than her! Don’t be joking! (Surprised and angry)
Fortune-Teller : My queen, I am not joking. If you did not believe it, you could take a look on the mirror in your palace together with Snow White. Definitely, the one who is more beautiful will be…
The Queen : Enough! I don’t want to hear it! Since now, you are expelled! (Screaming and pointing her finger to Fortune-Teller, then stand up and leaving the Fortune-Teller’s house)
Fortune-Teller : My queen, I did not mean to…
Narrator : The queen left the Fortune-Teller’s house angrily. She really did not think there was the one who was more beautiful than her. Moreover, shewas Snow White, her step-child. She could not accept this reality. When she arrived at her palace…
The Queen : It was impossible, really impossible! This was fault. Snow White, the child who was just sleeping-eating-sleeping-eating? That Fortune-Teller should be crazy! (Keep grumbling by her own self while walking around in her room)
Narrator : Snow White was crossing the queen’s room, than she suddenly stoppedbecause she has heard her name was mentioned. She kept eavesdropping from the door.
The Queen : (Sat and thinking hardly). Snow White can’t be the most beautiful woman in this universe. (Thinking) Ah! Eureka! She must be vanished. Ya.
Narrator : Snow White was surprised. She kept eavesdropping.
The Queen : I must kill her! But, how is the way?
Narrator : The Queen was found an idea; she groped her pocket, picked her phoneand pressed some number.
The Guardian : (Across from line phone) Yes, my queen? What could I do?
The Queen : The Guardian, go to my room as soon as possible!
The Guardian : Roger! Errr, should I go now?
The Queen : Tomorrow! Grrr, of course NOW! Jerk!!
The Guardian : Ehehe, okay okay. I would be there immediately.
Narrator : Snow White moved to her room quickly, a few seconds later, The Guardianhas come and entered The Queen’s room.
The Guardian : What’s the matter, my queen?
The Queen : I command you to kill Snow White, my step-child.
The Guardian : What?! It is impossible, my queen. I am afraid to kill a person. Our sinwould be unforgivable and the hell would be waiting for us. Moreover, Snow White was kind-hearted and…
The Queen : Don’t give me a lecture! If you do not want to do it, I will kill your wifeand your children! Now, which will you choose?
The Guardian : (Keep silent) Okay, my queen. I would obey your command. But, howcould I kill her?
The Queen : Whatever! Stab, hit, burn, torture or induce was your choice. Or youwant to throw her to a ravine, it is fine. Notice that, Snow White must die within this night. Understand?
The Guardian : Un… Understood, my queen!
Narrator : The Guardian was left The Queen’s room immediately.
(Knock knock knock)
Snow White : Come!
The Guardian : (Talking with scary face) Princess, you were called by The Queen. Shewas waiting in her room.
Narrator : Snow White felt unwell. She predicted The Queen would kill her. Finally, shehas found an idea.
Snow White : Okay, guardian! I would be there. (Leaving her room calmly)
Narrator : The Guardian led Snow White to The Queen’s room. He has found a way to kill Snow White.
Snow White : Guardian, sorry, seems like I have spotted a rat’s dung in the kitchen.Could you go there to clean it? I could go to mom’s room by myself.
The Guardian : Okay, princess! Excuse me. (Go to the kitchen)
Narrator : After assured The Guardian has disappeared from the corner of corridor,Snow White ran out of the palace immediately. She decided to escapefrom her step-mother’s killing scheme. She kept running to a forest,crossing a river, walking to a mountain and crossing wild animals’ area.Finally, she was tired and stopped in the slope of the hill.
Snow White : Hufh… Hufh… I’m so tired. I could die if I keep on running. My mom was really cruel! How could she want to kill me? Hufh… Luckily, I knew about it. If I didn’t, I could not enjoy this beau…
The Anger : Hey, could not you stop grumbling anymore? It was very noisy, jerk!! (Screaming in front of Snow White)
Snow White : Hah? Oh, sorry! But, who are you? (Surprised after she saw a dwarf)
The Anger : I am a dwarf who lived behind your palace! Grrr… Don’t you realise it?
Snow White : (Turn her head) Oh, My God! I did not see it. I thought this was just a hut. I am so sorry! (While smiling)
The Anger : Just saying sorry?! You must buy some fruits for us!
The Wise : What’s going on, The Anger? Why did you screaming out like an angry person?
The Anger : I am angry! See, this girl was grumbling by her own self like an insane girl. Our house was disturbed!
The Wise : (Seeing Snow White’s face that expressed regrets) It’s fine, she has been regret. It’s better to let her stay with us. What a pity, seems like she is tired.
The Anger : Stay with us? How could! Our house could be destroyed if we let her stay here. I don’t want to!
The Wise : What’s wrong? We just help her.
The Anger : Huh! it’s up to you lah!
The Wise : Okay. Hey, would you like to stay with us? Seem like you were tired.
Snow White : Thank you dwarfs. Sorry if I made some difficulties for you all.
The Wise : Call me The Wise and she is The Anger. Come on!
Snow White : Okay, thanks. (smiling and then stand up)
Narrator : The Wise, Snow White and The Anger was entered the dwarfs’ house. In the inside, Snow White was welcomed by two others dwarf.
The Joy : Wow, there is a newcomer in our home! Cihuy, this would be fun. Eh, wait a minute! I would call The Sleeper. (Running to behind)
The Wise : Let me introduce ourselves. The dwarf who was welcoming you is The Joy. The green one is The Forgetful.
The Forgetful : Welcome! Hey! I am The Forgetful. Who are you? (Shake snow White’s hand)
Snow White : I am Snow White.
The Wise : Nah, the red one is The Anger. She is easy to be angry, but actually she is kind. Nah, princess! Are you the wrecked Queen’s step-child?
Snow White : Yes. But my mom was not wrecked. She’s just thirst of domination egoism and cruel.
The Anger : Wew, it’s the same, princess! Eh, by the way why were you walked to here?
Snow White : Actually, I have been here because I escaped from the palace. My mom wanted to kill me. Her Fortune-Teller said if my beauty was exceeding hers. So, she wanted to kill me, so she could be the most beautiful woman in the universe.
Narrator : The Joy and The Sleeper have joined in the room. Everyone was silent.
The Anger : Unbelievable! Would be killed just because of pretty looking? zzz!
The Joy : Wah, it’s dangerous. Don’t let The Queen know The Princess is here.
The Wise : Ya. We must protect Snow White in our house. Agreed??
Four dwarfs : Agreed!! (Fist their hands up!)
The Joy : Hey, The Sleeper? Do you agree?! (Poke The Sleeper who slept beside her)
The Sleeper : (Awaked) Hmm? Agree about what??
The Anger : Grrr, jerk! The Princess was threatened to be extinct, err, i mean to be killed in our house. Do you agree to let her live here peacefully??
The Sleeper : OO! So that’s the matter!
The Anger : Don’t say just “OO!” Do you agree?
The Sleeper : Yeah, I am agreed. It could be fun if we live together with a beautifulprincess. Hehehe…
The Joy : Oh, no! (While slapping The Sleeper’s head)
Snow White : Hahaha… Thanks! Nice to know you all!
Narrator : The Five Dwarfs allowed Snow White to live together in their house. At there, Snow White was treated well. As a thank you to them, Snow White always cooks a food, cleaning the house and told a story before they fall asleep. She was also guarding the house while The Five Dwarfs was working. Snow White felt happy to live together with them. She decided to live forever in their house. Meanwhile, in The Queen’s Palace… The Queen was grooming and whistling while her phone was ringing.
The Queen : (Surprised) Huh, annoying! Don’t see am I grooming? (Furious) Hello?!
Fortune-Teller : The Queen, I called because I just want to know your condition!
The Queen : What?! What is your relationship with me, huh?! (Got angry)
Fortune-Teller : That’s not what I mean, The Queen. Actually I want to give you news!
The Queen : Wait! Who are you? (With innocent face)
Fortune-Teller : Astaghfirullah… I am The Fortune-Teller, your faithful Fortune-Teller who always predicted everything fast, up-to-date, and accurate! Did you forget, my queen?
The Queen : (spinning her eyeball, her heart became more pissed) zzz… So, that was you! Why did you call me? I thought you didn’t have a phone. Because you are old-fashionable..
Fortune-Teller : Oh, My God! I forgot to tell you, this is my new cellphone. I have found it on the astonishing cave that…
The Queen : Don’t tell a fairytale! What kind of news did you have? (Couldn’t be patient)
Fortune-Teller : Ehm, lately I have predicted that the 2012 would be the end of the year, my queen.
The Queen : So, what is the connection with me? Zzz! (Pissed off)
Fortune-Teller : Oh, sorry. Wrong topic! I mean that I have seen Snow White. She was still alive and lived in The Five Dwarfs’ house.
The Queen : WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Fortune-Teller : (Took the phone away from ear) I am not lying, my queen. You know how I did my job, don’t you?
(The Queen was silent keeping her anger. A tissue she held was scraped into pieces. The time goes away)
Fortune-Teller : Hello, my queen? Are you still alive??
The Queen : I would not die before I kill Snow White with my own hands!! (Infuriated and anger. She turned off her phone and slam it to the table)
(The Queen left her room quickly)
Narrator : The angry queen went to make a new plan to vanish Snow White. She has got a great idea. Without thinking longer, she began her revenge. Meanwhile, in the Five Dwarfs’ house, Snow White was still loved by The Five Dwarfs, because The Dwarfs treated Snow White as their own mother. She often told a fairytale story if they want to go sleep or could not sleep well. Now, it’s time to The Five Dwarfs to work at The Remote Hill.
Snow White : Be careful, The Five Dwarfs! Especially for The Sleeper, you are not allowed to sleep on the way loh!
The Sleeper : Okay, princess! (Pointing her thumbs up)
The Anger : Hey, The Forgetful! Your rucksack! How could you forget it?! (Pointing the rucksack near Snow White)
The Forgetful : Oh, yeahh! Thank you hehehee!! (Taking her rucksack)
Snow White : The Forgetful, don’t be forget anymore yah!
The Forgetful : Okay, princess. Calm down, I have just forget now!
The Anger : WHAT?! It’s not just now! Errr!
The Wise : Stop quarrelling! We go to work ya, princess! Perhaps we go home at 4PM. Be careful. Don’t believe anyone here!
Snow White : (Smiling) Okay, The Wise.
The Wise : Good! Adios!
Four Dwarfs : Adios, princess!!
Snow White : Adios! (Entering the home)
Narrator : Snow White was alone in The Five Dwarfs’ House. She tidied up the kitchen, The Dwarfs’ room and fishing in the river. After fried the fish, she stripped the fruit. After that she mopped the floor. Suddenly, someone has come.
Snow White : (While mopping) Fiuh… I am so lucky and save in this house. No one can find me here.
Narrator : The Young Man with black robe walking towards The Five Dwarfs’ house. There was a staff and a box in his hands
The Wizard : (Knocking the door) Spada! Spadaa! (Glancing his watch) Spadaa!!
Snow White : (Opened the door) Yes, what are you looking for?
The Wizard : Err, girl! I want to offer you a business. Eeh, a product I mean.
Snow White : What kind of product, ya?
The Wizard : This is a hair-vitamin. It makes your hair longer quickly without waiting for many years. It is definitely faster than shinkansen.
Snow White : Actually I already have one. But perhaps it is just as fast as motorcycle. Look at my hair! It never get longer.. (While flapping her hair)
The Wizard : Nah… Because of that, you will definitely need it. It is as fast as Concorde. It has been tested in USA. It is 100% natural! Trust me! (He gave it to Snow White)
Snow White : Errr. Okay okay! How much it costs?
The Wizard : It is cheap! Just 20 dollar, girl!
Snow White : Yaah, how about 5 dollar? Hehehee… My money is low!
The Wizard : Wew, girl! I could eat just gravel if you pay me 5 dollar. Okay lah, 15 dollar, girl! This is the rarest item and the most favourite item on the online auctioning. It is almost extinct.
Snow White : Almost extinct? Like a dinosaur huh?! Hahaha!
The Wizard : C’mon! Quickly if you want to buy it! My time is running out and my schedule is so dense!
Snow White : okay okay! Wait! (Groped her pocket and give him money)
The Wizard : Thanks, girl! I would not forget your goodness. Oh, yeahh! You should use it immediately. Fresh from oven loh! Byebye~ (Waving hands)
Snow White : Okay! (Waving hands) (Goes to bathroom and use it). Ahh! May this is really effective! Amin!
Narrator : After a while, Snow White felt unwell on her head, her head was itchy. She scratched her head. But, her head was itchier. Then she scratched and scratched. Snow White became dizzy. She sat on the chair. Minute after minute, she could not bear it anymore. She was unconscious for a long time.
The Five Dwarfs was home, but she was not conscious yet.
The Sleeper : Hey, princess?! Are you sleeping? Wake up! We are home! (Shaking Snow White’s shoulder, but Snow White was still motionless)
The Joy : Princess?! Wake up! Lho lho… What should we do? It’s strange!!! (Afraid)
The Wise : What’s going on?
The Sleeper : She was unconscious… She was not awakening yet!
The Wise : Princess?? (Flapping Snow White’s hair, and realise there were some poison) Hah, this is a poison?! It means…
The Forgetful : (Surrounding Snow White) What? Did she poisoning?
The Wise : This is a poison! Did you forget? Poison!! (Bear his sadness)
The Forgetful : So what if she was poisoning? (Relapse)
The Sleeper : She could be died, Forgetful! zzz?!
The Forgetful : Ohh, yeah yeah! Sorry! Then, what should we do?
The Wise : Let her stretched. C’mon!
(The Five Dwarfs supported Snow White on walking and leaned her on the chair. The Anger came)
The Anger : Lho. Is princess unconscious?? (Surprised)
The Wise : She has died, The Anger. We lost her… (Crying)
The Sleeper : Beware of your words! I have been trying to awaken up her?! But she didn’t wake up! We could be in difficulties! (Confused)
The Anger : Oh, My God! (Shocked)
The Forgetful : Let’s take her to the nearest hospital!
The Wise : Forgetful.. There is no hospital around here!
The Forgetful : Ehehehehee… Sorry! (Innocent smiling)
Narrator : Finally, The Five Dwarfs supporting Snow White on walking to her bed. Hours went on. Snow White was still unconscious. The Five Dwarfs was confused and scared. Snow White seemed like to be dead. They assumed there is the one, who could resolve this problem. He is The Prince from The Remote Hill.
♫♪~♩♬♯ (bip bip bip)
The Prince : Wew, someone needs my help! (Looking at his watch) It’s better if I go to find out! It must be important! (immediately go left his house and run)
Narrator : The Prince left his castle immediately. He ran away for a far distance and a long time. After about 20 minutes, he felt so tired. He decided to stop on running. He sat under a tree near a small house. It was The Five Dwarfs’ house. The Joy heard something suspicious in the outside of their house. She went outside to check it.
The Joy : (Opened the door) Hey! What’s going on?!
The Prince : Ah! I am tired of running for a far distance. Are you a dwarf? Did you live there? (Pointing The Five Dwarfs’ house)
The Joy : Yes, I am The Joy. That is my house. Why are you sitting there? Is there any problems?
The Prince : I have to help someone. But, I didn’t know where. I am so tired, so I sit here.
The Joy : Ah! By the way, who are you? Seems like, I have seen you before.
The Prince : Ah. I am The Prince from Slytherin Kingdom in The Remote Hill.
The Joy : Oh. I see! You could get some drink in my house. Come on! Get in!
The Prince : Okay, thanks! You’re so kind, The Joy! (Stood up and entered the house)
(In the house, The Prince saw Snow White fallen asleep)
The Joy : Actually, our princess is unconscious now. We do not know whether she is dead or not (sad expression)
The Prince : Wew, perhaps this is the problem. (Realise it!) Aha! I know what I should do! (Cheerful)
The Wise : Oh, thank you, sir! Could you awaken her? We have been given up! (Sighing)
The Prince : (Looking at Snow White) Umm… Let me thinking… (Thinking)
The Dwarfs : … (just waiting)
The Prince : Aha! I have a unique power! Come here! I will tell you.
(The Prince whispered The Wise something. The Wise surprised)
The Wise : What?! That’s embarrassing! Freak!
The Prince : That’s the only way to resolve this problem. Trust me! It will be okay! (Smiling)
(Unbelievabele, The Prince farted Snow White. The Five Dwarfs closed their nose together)
The Anger : Grrrr! What a stingy smell! Whuahhhhh!! (Flapping her hand)
(It was given a spectacular result. Snow White was awaked)
Snow White : Hoamh.. What happen…?! Whuahhhhh!! (Flapping her hand)
The Joy : Hahahahaa! It’s ridiculous! (Laughing)
Snow White : Aargh! Who was farting? (Infuriated)
The Dwarfs : HIM! (Pointing to The Prince)
The Prince : Ehhh! But…
Snow White : What? Have your parents taught you about politeness?
The Prince : Of course they have! Hey, you should thank me! I have saved you from death! Didn’t you know?
Snow White : Death? Who is dead? And why are you here?
The Sleeper : Errr. We are sorry, princess! You have fallen asleep for long hours. We thought that you were died, so we called for help. And he is the one who help us to awaken you!
The Prince : Yes, that’s why I am here!
Snow White : zzz.. I am not died yet. I have just slept because my head was dizzy!
The Wise : Yeah! It’s just misunderstanding, princess!
The Joy : Moreover, at first we want to find someone who could accompany you while you are alone in the house.
The Forgetful : And we thought the right one is him. (smiling)
Snow White : What?! I do not want to! How could I am accompanied by someone who was farting haphazardly! NO WAY! (Still infuriated)
The Prince : Wait! Hey, I didn’t know about this! Moreover, how could you reject me this fast? Do I want to do so?
Snow White : Huh!
The Prince : Okay! It doesn’t matter. I still have 5 concubines in my castle. I don’t need you!
The Anger : Okay okay! Stop quarrelling! Princess, the important one for us is you are still alive, we don’t know what to do if you are died.
The Forgetful : Yes, we are happy you are still alive.
The Joy : Please forgive him and let him go lah.
The Wise : Yeah, Hey prince! I represent The Princess and The Others say many thanks for your help, and we are sorry if you are disturbed. Once again, thank you! (smiling happily)
The Prince : Hahahaa… Not at all! It’s me who want to help you. Okay! I must be leaving now! Take care yourselves! Goodbye~ (Waving hands)
The Dwarfs : Byee~ (Waving hands)
Narrator : Finally, Snow White decided to live together with The Five Dwarfs in their house. The Prince went back to his castle. The Wizard has been engaged to The Princess from Slytherin Kingdom. Meanwhile, The Queen surely got angry heard that Snow White was still alive. She got depressed in her life. She devastated her own castle. Unfortunately, she herself was being buried in the ruins of her castle. Snow White has found her happiness and lived happily along with The Five Dwarfs.

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